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Rebekah Scott said:. Purky The Dutch guy. The power of the camino for me, or the magic of it if you will, is the fact that I recognised and felt that a lot of people were going and have been going to the same place as I was with the same intention. That for me created a sort of focussed awareness, a sense of purpose and above all, a sense of peace and belonging that goes beyond my supposed identity or ego. The trouble starts when I try to figure out what exactly the intention of all that walking is. And frankly, I have given up on those questions.

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I don't care anymore. Mainly because I think I am not clever enough to find a definitive answer, but more importantly because I suspect this 'definitive' answer doesn't exist. I have the feeling that, much like life itself, every answer to all those questions is a fluid affair that will change if you look directly at it. I feel a lot better if I maintain a peripheral view. Out of curiosity I peek at it sneakily now and then, out of the corner of my eye, but then I leave it be.

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Very unpilgrim-like, I take a step back, not forward. Because that focussed awareness, sense of purpose and sense of peace and belonging I mentioned earlier is what it's all about for me. It might even be roughly the same as 'the present' Jill describes, and the 'truth' Rebekah speaks of. I would like that a lot, but it wouldn't bother me that much if it wasn't.

To each his or her own, as long as you don't litter. Annette london Veteran Member Donating Member. Le Puy to jpdp Via francigena vercelli to Lucca Lucca to Rome Annette london said:. I wonder though, how many of us walking the Camino start out as "walkers" and end it as "pilgrims"? Purky said:. And so each day before setting out, I would repeat my little prayer. To whoever or whatever might hear it Thank you for allowing me to walk another day on this Camino. I promise to walk with an open heart and an open mind and be ready for any lessons you set before me.

Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love

Your prayer and my intent are fundamentally the same. For me it is about embracing and celebrating life. My prayer, or mantra or statement would read as: I am happy with today. I will try to walk with an open heart and an open mind and be ready. I like the post. However, I am wondering why, on this forum, we can discuss not having faith in depth, but not having or finding faith as Christians on the Camino. William Marques Moderator Staff member. Donating Member. We can discuss finding faith on the Camino.

It is only when people denigrate other people's faith or lack of that we have to step in as moderators. The religion question is not itself a no-no it is the strong emotions and personal insults that tend to result from it that we have to control. For some of might even be the other way around. I started my first Camino in in hope of finding something spiritual and deep. Being in nature, feeling the power of the weather in the mountains and fitting everything that I need in my backpack.

Almost every year I still walk a part of a Camino in Spain or Portugal but with no specific expectations beyond good food and a lot of easy walking. DavidJ Member. I am a christian and a camino pilgrim. I am new to my religious faith — it found me late in life and I took that faith with me on my first camino earlier this year. Also exactly 10 years before the start of my camino, I had a health issue and was told I needed to change certain aspects of my life and for each year of change the risk of a reoccurrence would diminish until year 10 when there was no longer a risk at all.

So my pilgrimage was both a thank you and a celebration — I knew exactly why I was walking to Santiago. Antonius Vaessen Active Member. Primitivo Salvador Norte to Sobrado Norte again. Like someone in this forum wrote on another occasion so eloquently wrote, I am a "non practicing atheist". In itself the Camino has no spiritual meaning for me, for me it's the hiking and the meeting with other people from all quarters of life and of the world that keeps pulling me to the Camino. The for walking wonderfully suited infrastructure at an affordable price is also a big advantage.

There are some other places on the world that could satisfy these needs. The experiences to me were quite similar to walking a Camino. I don't think I would walk in Nepal again though. Last years I had some problems with blisters and muscle injury. A big advantage in Spain is that a road to medical provisions are always nearby, in Nepal this is not the case. To repeat and paraphrase a discussion between the late Pope St.

Also true, is that our dogma does describe that as the truth.

But, who am I to say? There are many paths up the mountain. We happen to believe and teach that ours is the most direct. However, that does not preclude the possibility of good people who believe differently, from also arriving at the top of the mountain Clearly, I was not present, so this is all second-hand. However, I believe this conversation is recounted in one or more books written about this popular Pope. Even if I got it wrong, the current Pontiff, Pope Francis, has reportedly said much the same thing, across a variety of issues related to faith.

So, the point is clear. Catholics allow that there are other paths up the mountain leading to the "peak. Also true, people with no belief system, per se, are also welcome. IMHO, the critical thing for all pilgrims is mutual respect and understanding of one another's belief's. I hope this helps. Last edited: Sep 6, Well done for 'coming out' by the way. Great post. It makes me wonder how many people walking the various Caminos are 'non Pilgrims'.

Not that it bothers me of course. More the merrier. Unless I miss out on a bed But I suspect 'Pilgrims' whatever 'they' are I actually don't walk long distances anywhere else in the World.

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It would be a pointless exercise to me, with no purpose. LesBrass Likes Walking.

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  • I love this post I've been thinking about it all day. I question that because there are for me, a number of grey areas. When I was very young and into my teen years our local vicar 'rescued' me from a brute of a father and a dying mother Over those years I spent so much time with my church family Choir on thursday, brownies on Tuesday, youth club on Friday and services twice on a sunday. I was loved and nurtured by the adults that lived amongst that community, and as a result I grew into a reasonably well rounded adult. These days I do have questions about the institutions of all faiths I was 51, far too overweight and in recovery from cancer.

    I took hardly any exercise and yet I knew that I had to walk and I always knew that I would reach Santiago. The camino changed me. Since then I have become addicted to walking A connection to the earth and the horizon? I cant explain it, I cant find the words that can clarify my thinking, but I do feel a connection. Is it St James calling me?

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    He has become my place of safety and I do talk to him when I feel in need of comfort. Oddly enough, I dont actually think he is in Santiago, but I dont care either I do wonder if perhaps since men have walked the earth, that they have been walking that path. And maybe all their hopes and dreams and aspirations have been left to fall into the soil and it has created a force for good? Walking in a community of people, who are only bound by the path and a desire to reach a common goal is liberating. Walkers and Pilgrims become one and we share a common purpose I've learned about the spirituality of the camino, the ancient people who walked before us, the kings and paupers who have tread those paths and I've learned of prayers and Thin Places and shared stories of joy and sadness with so many people.

    I love the camino diversity and I love that we are all equal when we're putting one foot in front of another. Whatever the camino is, it is a place that still calls me and I am very grateful for that.

    From This World To That Which Is To Come

    Hospitalera: , Ponferrada. Jillgat, I like what you said about being in the present while on camino. My dad, an army vet, says a soldier's best camp, is the one he left and the one he is going to. Also, I am not Catholic, but Episcopalian. I find Mass on camino, I go as often as possible, so moving. And, yet I would never change denominations.