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It's kind of weird, and also sucks because Hickman's stuff is so much better than Remender's, and deserves to really shine without Remender's boring stories dragging it down.

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I guess this will only really factor in for people reading both, but still. It's a possible concern. Regardless, now I'm actually pumped for Secret Wars, an event I couldn't have cared less about 6 months ago. But now I'm just eager to read the rest of Hickman's Marvel run, even though it means the end of something very cool.

Jan 16, Swapnil Dubey rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-a-thon.

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I wanted to start my Read-a-Thon with a bang and I did it with a nuke. After reading Infinity I really became huge fan of Hickman. After reading Time Runs Out I really believe he is best at writing cosmic stories. Highly Recommend!

It is the hardcover you deserve in your collection. It looks fabulous. I really did not want to open the packet as it was looking awesome in it. It's thick, have glossy papers and longer than usual paperbacks. The best thing about it is that I wanted to start my Read-a-Thon with a bang and I did it with a nuke. The best thing about it is that it's full of story and only last few pages have some extra covers. Everything Dies!

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Marvel Universe is ending and this time no hero can survive the fall. Hickman really writes the end of marvel in most fabulous way. The end is completely unpredictable and will leave you emotional if you really live Marvel stories. It's a text heavy graphic novel.

Conversations are detailed and deep.

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I just get lost in these conversation and some of them are really awesome that I repeated them multiple times. More than pages will really provide you what you want to read. But if you really are interested in reading it you must build up some previous knowledge of what is going on. It's not just the story you pick up and read. I would prefer you to at least read Infinity before you pick it.

Heroes Fall.

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World's Collide. Everything Dies.

It's theme is everything dies and the book really mean it. In the end everything dies. After reading that you can go with Secret Wars to know what exactly happens when everything dies. The ene of the story left me in tears. It really did. I was saying continuously that please don't do it I won't reveal what happens in the end as some of you haven't read it but I will really highly recommend it for every comics fan.

I am now really looking forward to complete my Hickman Run. Five Outta Five for this Masterpiece. Dec 09, Aaron Wiener rated it it was amazing Shelves: marvel-comics.

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This shit just keeps getting crazier. All I had to do was read a bazillion fucking back issues and 3 massive crossover events. Tjis better be worth it! I hope. Excitement here This shit just keeps getting crazier.

Excitement here is ramped up. Some great reveals. Captain America is a douche, and Tony Stark was right the whole time. I mean, in my opinion. This is some intense shit!!! Jun 23, Dennis rated it liked it. Sprawling, multiversal epic that tells more than it shows.

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Mainly because the plot is so steeped in lore mostly from Hickman's earlier Marvel stories and pseudo science that it's hard to get an organic grasp on what's going on. Things happen. The character work is good, though. As is most of the art work the story spans multiple issues, so there are several different art teams here, some better than othe Sprawling, multiversal epic that tells more than it shows.

As is most of the art work the story spans multiple issues, so there are several different art teams here, some better than others. But that doesn't mean I disrespect the effort. The man's obviously talented just read Pax Romana , and I'm sure he'll have a comics career that spans decades. Oct 25, Tim B rated it it was ok Shelves: captain-britain-and-related. There was just so much going on. Many different storylines and most told in such a choppy fashion as to render them near meaningless. Overall, the primary story arc was interesting, but the lack of focus made it hard to get in to.

Most of the other story arcs just fizzle out without much of a conclusion. One minor thing, why did Reed not fight to get Braddock on the lifeboat, Braddock is a super smart physicist with super powers and the only amongst his siblings without the x gene? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Jan 26, Danielle rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-novels , read-in Hickman really takes it to the limit in this one. Everything dies when time runs out. The Final Incursion is upon the Marvel Universe meaning them and another world are the only ones left.

The Inter-galactic fight to save the world continues. Any story where there is multiple universes and multiple versions of characters, it can either be really compelling or confusing. Once I got that backg Hickman really takes it to the limit in this one.

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Once I got that background information I enjoyed it more. Nov 12, Jdetrick rated it did not like it Shelves: character-avengers , ebooks , genre-comics , genre-superheroes , publisher-marvel. Nov 30, EP rated it it was amazing. Great book, that sadly leads to the end of good Marvel.

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Headed to Manhattan Cafe? Here's Everything You Need to Know. Event Avengers: Time Runs Out. Want to read all these digital comics? Get instant access to all these and more! Join Now. The Countdown Read Now. Avengers 35 Hickman , Cheung. New Avengers 24 Hickman , Dell'otto.