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Within weeks, she had implemented a day plan to turn around the team's leadership and create a non-hostile work environment. The first areas she focused on were developing a women's agenda and creating a values-based employment system, she says. She also sought to bring transparency to the workplace by granting an outside counsel full access to the team's business operations.

When Marshall was named CEO, none of the employees on the executive leadership team were women or people of color. She increased the diversity within the leadership team by promoting from within and recruiting from outside of the organization. Melinda Gates: With so few women in AI, we are baking bias into the system. So we fixed those really quick. But the changes have gone beyond diversity. Marshall also needed to address the cultural issues that led to the harassment and inappropriate conduct in the first place.

That we would model zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior and for false allegations as well," she says. Marshall has been a trailblazer throughout her life.

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She grew up in low-income housing in Richmond, California, attended college on a full academic scholarship at University of California, Berkeley, and became her university's first African-American cheerleader. She is also no stranger to navigating difficult situations. As a young girl, she was a victim of physical abuse and witnessed her father shoot another man in self-defense, she says. She miscarried four times, lost her six-month-old daughter, adopted four children, and survived stage three colon cancer. Her faith, she says, has helped guide her and give her the strength to take on more challenges.

Between her personal and professional experiences, she recognized that she was "uniquely qualified" to take on the role at the Mavericks.

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I have to help create a great place to work," she says. But she admits she did not know much about basketball before she took the role. Salesforce president: Being an introvert is a strength. I am learning the business of basketball and I have a lot of people on the team teaching me the business of basketball," she says. Her peers -- and her boss -- acknowledge that. She does whatever it takes. While Marshall continues to run the organization's day-to-day operations, she often reminds Cuban: "You own it, I run it. But she recognizes she did not accomplish all of this on her own.

I brought some folks in with me. How good will they be offensively and defensively? Our staff makes predictions ahead of the coming season.

Regular Season

Our season preview continues with the teams that have feasible playoff aspirations, but understand that they have zero margin for error. Who will be the Mavericks' third-leading scorer? How well can they rebound? How good will Luka Doncic be? Tim Cato makes some calls! National NBA Editors. Nothing can ruin that. Tim Cato and Jake Kemp. Talking the Mavericks' star duo, the four most important players after that and the power of lineup flexibility.

Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell were an odd pairing from a start. With the season opener eight days away, Tim Cato breaks down who's up and who's down so far in the preseason. The Mavericks were one of the NBA's worst-shooting teams last season. Expect Curry to go a long way in helping to fix that. Did the bad 3-point shooting teams in the NBA fix their problems for the season? Seventeen teams missed the league average 3-point shooting mark last season. Are they set to shoot better this year?

We investigate. Porzingis showed flashes of the superstar the Mavs hope they will see in the regular season.

The Mavericks

How will teams adopt emerging technologies? Oct 9. We're going to dive back into how the Dallas roster is constructed and what we should expect from it. Oct 8.

Dallas Mavericks Team Payroll

Why the Mavericks are shooting 4-pointers … in practice, anyway. There are no fours, but Dallas is betting a gamified practice court could make a big impact on their threes. Oct 7. Dirk Nowitzki Twitter Encyclopedia: A look at one of the best sports-tweeters of all time. On a platform that often makes you want to stuff your head in your pillow, Nowitzki has perfected the art of the tweet.

NBA training camps are in full swing and so are our first set of Power Rankings. Oct 4. We asked him! Sep Finley was on those teams I feel like that would probably be my role. Tim Cato breaks down the Mavericks topics we'll be discussing all season. From Luka Doncic's activity to Kristaps Porzingis' unicorn traits and Seth Curry's amazing shooting, here are 15 Mavs-related stats to know.

After walking through what might go wrong, Tim Cato examines all the ways the season could go very, very right for Dallas. Before we analyze how the upcoming Mavericks season could go right, we need to brace ourselves for how it could go wrong. I tried out undercover for the Texas Legends to find out. Once a year, anyone willing to pay a fee gets a shot at being invited to G League training camp. It works out better than you'd think. Can Justin Jackson be a starting wing for the Mavericks?

While the Mavericks' starting lineup will likely be fluid, I've become convinced Justin Jackson deserves to be on it. Here's why. Sep 6.

The Mavericks - Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down (Live in Austin, TX)

Sean Fitz-Gerald. Steve Nash, the most decorated pro basketball player in Canadian history, was back on home soil recently and had time for 20 questions. Sep 5. Aug Who should be taking clutch shots? A look at the heroes of the West. Veterans are probably the best thing for this moment, but that's not always how it works.

One unanswered question for every Mavericks player headed into the season. How good a shooter is Luka Doncic? Can Delon Wright translate to a starting role? Can Kristaps Porzingis stay healthy? That and more! Kristaps Porzingis is a force on offense. But spectacular defense makes him a true unicorn.

There simply aren't many players who have ever played the game with this rare combination of defensive prowess and offensive dynamism. McCollum go? This draft in two words? Not good. But there have been some shining lights, even superstars, who have emerged. We review, and revise.

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