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There were two bedrooms, a bathroom, and another room that could be used for a media room or library.

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I have a rental house in town, but we thought it might be good if someone was living here. Whoever that guy was, he is in real pain right now for trying to break in to my business. What if you were trapped upstairs during a fire? Summer smiled at him when he stopped debating with her. He wanted very much to see her do that with the blouse off, sometime soon.

It was a need. Give us a chance to get things set up here then make some progress with all these incidents that have been occurring around here. That will give us time. I want to ask you something. They walked back into the office as customers entered the front door and were greeted by Teresa, who had arrived shortly before the boutique opened. In a vehicle down the street and scouting the area. Would you feel comfortable if one of us was inside as well? The upstairs rooms would be perfect for that. We could switch off and stay here at night. I was planning to call her after you were done anyway.

How do you feel about it? Having two handsome guys hanging around the shop keeping all us delicate females safe? His reasons for volunteering duty in such close quarters were not entirely work related. Would you mind if we borrowed your bathroom to change into work clothes? Their deep voices were barely audible as they talked to each other, and she imagined them undressing, their bare chests and abs revealed as they unbuttoned their dress shirts.

Her fingertips tingled as she imagined running them over a hard biceps or a trim hip. It seemed that once the excitement and newness wore off, the guys she dated usually showed their true colors and lost their appeal or they turned out to be freaks. Such was the case with her last boyfriend, Gary.

The guy was married, as it turned out. Paulina had called a couple of times since then, trying to persuade Summer to change her mind. The idea of sharing a man with another woman repulsed her, but being shared by two men was her ultimate fantasy. Now suddenly she was being presented with an opportunity to test drive that fantasy. Right there. Ace stood in the doorway, dressed in blue jeans, work boots, and a faded denim shirt.

The lightweight denim fabric was stretched flat over his well-defined pectoral muscles, and she made a decision. Why fight it? Teresa was up front, and what harm could a little cuddle do? Ace watched her as she rose from her desk and walked over to him. She stood in front of him as he hung the garments up, and when he smiled at her, she slipped her arms around his waist and pressed close to him. His body was warm and hard, and when his arms closed around her, she felt caged in and safe.

The muscles in his back were hard and well defined under her restless hands. She remembered that Kemp was somewhere nearby, and a disturbing thought occurred to her.

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If the three of them progressed forward in a relationship they were going to draw serious fire like the rest of the girls had. She came and went as she pleased, and nobody had bothered her at her other job. Her men were also taking turns bringing her to the shop. It might make them all happier to know that Ace and Kemp would be around. Ace slid his palm up her back until his fingers sifted into her hair. At the base of her skull, he gripped her hair and tilted her head back. The feeling took her by surprise. He held her close, and a tremor went through her as she lost herself in his dark brown gaze.

He stayed that way for a few seconds, just staring into her eyes, then looked down at her parted lips as he closed the small gap between them. Oh, God. His first touch was gentle, and he took his time caressing her lips with his own. He pressed his lips to hers, and she moaned quietly, coming up on her tiptoes to get closer to him. His arm around her and his hand in her hair grew tighter as he deepened the kiss until their lips were crushed together. Her heart pounded so hard, she was certain he could feel it against his chest. When she relaxed against him, he plundered her mouth, stroking her tongue with his.

He tasted of coffee and mints and his own natural flavor, and she melted against his muscular frame as her pussy dampened with desire.

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    Her breasts felt like they swelled as he held her to him tightly, and she could feel his thickening erection against her abdomen. By the time he released her lips she was breathless and lightheaded. Fantasies of the two of them making love made her heart race. There was no doubt in her mind that he would be an incredible lover. That and more. She took a deep breath when he allowed her to come up for air. Kemp stepped in the office and hesitated.

    Sorry to interrupt. Ace nodded and grinned at his partner. Just getting another quick kiss from our kitten, first. Does he want to kiss me, too? Right now? Desperate for direction, Summer looked up at Ace. Ace released her, and she turned to Kemp, wishing she knew how to do this less awkwardly.

    Kemp seemed to sense how she felt and reached for her hand and drew her closer. He slipped her hand around his back and used the closer proximity to caress her jaw with his other hand. It all felt surreal but wonderful as he melded his lips to hers. She parted her lips when his tongue lightly flicked against them, and Summer slid her hands along his solid back muscles as he took the kiss slightly deeper, stroking her tongue with his.

    He tasted minty, but definitely different from Ace. She could imagine going to him after a hard day and letting him hold her and kiss her like this.

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    His embrace was comforting and solid and felt so right. Can I have some more of those after we get done? That, and much more, handsome man. Summer watched his ass appreciatively as he walked away. Kemp was clad in jeans and a tucked-in button-down shirt, and Summer had to admit he looked just as good dressed casually as he did in a suit. I have with someone else, but it was a very casual thing. A friend and I dated a girl and shared her a few times. It was fun experimenting, but we knew it was temporary. What about you? What would he think of her if she answered honestly?

    In college. A boyfriend and another friend. With her body still tingling, she returned to her desk chair and picked up her phone. She entered the number, and a few seconds later the man himself answered. He was currently up a twelve-foot ladder near the vaulted ceiling. Ace was on the back porch replacing the old doorknob and installing a new deadbolt lock. Twice, Summer had looked up and caught him as he watched her move around the shop.

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    Knowing how those lips felt against his had him wishing for another chance to be alone with her. Summer was just finishing with a customer at the register when a man wearing a county law enforcement uniform walked in. Kemp watched the tall, rather young-looking man as he slipped his sunglasses off and removed his cowboy hat. He nodded and smiled to Summer and the other ladies. The man noticed the ladder and looked upward until he made eye contact with Kemp. Noting the surveillance camera in his hand, the uniformed officer nodded in apparent satisfaction.