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Dark Angels - Inspiration Divination

Tue, Wed: [Bilingual] p. Holy Days: 7 a. Reconciliation: Sat: p. Sunday: [English] a.

Weekdays: Mon, Wed, Fri: [English] a. Holy Days: a. Reconciliation: Tue: 7 p. Summer schedules vary. Sunday: [English] 8 a. Weekdays: Mon, Wed: [English] a. Holy Days: 7 p. Reconciliation: Sat: 3 p. Sunday: [Spanish] 8 a.

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Weekdays: Tue — Fri: [Spanish] 8 a. Reconciliation: Wed, Sat: 4 p. Sunday: [Spanish] 7 a. Weekdays: Mon — Thur: [Spanish] 8 a. Sunday: am [Spanish] a. Weekdays: Tues: [Spanish] 9 a. Weekdays: Mon — Sat: 8 a. Holy Days : As announced Reconciliation: Sat: p.

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Sunday: [Spanish] a. Maronite Liturgies: a. Holy Days: [English] Anticipated p. Weekdays: Mon, Wed, Fri: [Spanish] 8 a. Weekday: Tue — Fri: [Spanish] 8 a. Weekdays: Tue — Fri: 9 a. Weekdays: Mon a. Sunday: [Spanish] 8 am. Fri: [English] 8 a. Sunday : [Spanish] 8 a. Weekdays : Tue — Fri: 6 p. Sunday : [Spanish] a. Weekdays : Mon — Sat: 6 a. Weekdays : [Spanish] Tue — Fri: a. Holy Days : a. Weekdays : [Spanish] Mon — Fri: 7 a. Let me join you in prayer.

Leave your prayer requests here. Prayer Scroll. Come see me in person. Upcoming Events. The Lorna Byrne Children's Foundation. Donate Now. My film. The Future Belongs to the Young. Watch the Film.

Lorna Byrne World renowned spiritual teacher, international bestselling author and philanthropist Lorna Byrne is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. She is unlike anyone else. She sees angels physically, like you would see a person sitting in front of you.

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Angels who are guiding all of us. Asking us to remember and grow the spiritual side of ourselves. Showing us how to solve problems in our lives. Helping us to release more love into the world. While her story is extraordinary, her teachings are universal. Theologians and religious leaders, sportspeople, businesspeople and scientists; people of all walks of life, of all religions and none are drawn to Lorna to seek her spiritual insight. Christmas Morning St.

Christophers 10am Our Lady of the Angels 10am St.

Dark Angels

Raphaels no Mass. Please register for our parish by clicking here. So mark your calendar and plan on attending one or all.

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November 9 , Saturday St. June Press Release click here. Raphael's new wainscoating has been installed. The entire Hall has been painted. It will include a Hall for gathering and functions, Classrooms, and a Chapel. The cost will be covered by a combination of Capital Campaign proceeds, savings, and adding onto the existing loan. The land was purchased and the Church built in after St. Additional Capital Campaign Pledges are welcome to help reduce financing needs. Thank you to all who have pledged! Please consider pledging. One time donations or donations made over time. Contact Kathy DiMare to set up your Pledge.