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Army Intelligence at the Pentagon in He visited the Capitol Rotunda that weekend to pay his respects and captured a color home movie of the Kennedy funeral procession on Pennsylvania Avenue, which he donated to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Recorded October 28, A young civil rights activist in the s, Christopher was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As pastor of the St.

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A longtime maintenance manager with Dallas County, Clark has worked with county-owned buildings in the Dealey Plaza area since He was involved in air conditioning, lighting, and other facilities work during the early days of The Sixth Floor exhibition. A yearbook photographer at North Dallas High School in , Clark took pictures of the Kennedy motorcade on Lemmon Avenue and later captured images inside school classrooms as students reacted to news of the assassination.

A Dallas native, Clayton was a recent graduate of Southern Methodist University in and was employed by Texas Instruments at the time of the assassination. She was in class with only two students at the time of the assassination because the others had been excused to see the presidential parade.

Clements is the widow of the late W. Pepper Company As vice president of marketing in , W. Clements organized the Dr. Pepper bottlers meeting held in Dallas on the same day as the Kennedy assassination. The Clements were later instrumental in the opening of the Dr. Recorded January 23, A housewife in Lockport, New York, in , Clemmons was caring for her two young children at the time of the assassination. He later joined the Peace Corps, serving in Honduras from to Later in his career, he came to know Marina Oswald when she worked at a Dallas convenience store on his patrol beat.

A Louisiana native, Cloutman has devoted his entire law career to civil rights. Upon moving to Dallas in , he became the lead attorney in the controversial court case to integrate the Dallas Independent School District.

Introduction, The Kennedy Assassination and the Transfer of Power

He remained with the case until and argued it before the U. Supreme Court. Army captain in the early s, Cloy commanded the 3rd U. In that capacity, he interacted with President and Mrs. Kennedy on several occasions and was actively involved in arranging the Kennedy funeral procession. That day had a profound impact on her life. Recorded January 7, , and March 16, A Dallas social worker in , Coben watched the Kennedy motorcade and witnessed part of the assassination from the second-floor balcony of the Old Red Courthouse. Recorded June 15, He later covered the Jack Ruby trial.

Recorded December 19, They returned to Dallas one year later. A Florida native, Cole was one of five African American students selected for the first school integration in her community. Recorded April 26, A Fort Worth resident in , Coleman wrote letters around the world and collected more than newspapers from the days surrounding the assassination. His collection of papers from the United States and 25 other countries, written in 16 languages, was donated to the Museum in Recorded September 15, Coleman, an insurance underwriter at Pacific Indemnity in Dallas, watched the Kennedy motorcade from the corner of Main and Ervay streets.

He recalled that twice that week Secret Service agents visited his workplace looking for former employees. Recorded May 23, Coleman grew up in a segregated neighborhood in south Dallas. A longtime African American community leader, she was locally involved in some civil rights activities during the s. Recorded October 31, About one month prior to the assassination, she met Jack Ruby on a downtown street, and he pursued her by telephone for several weeks in the hopes of convincing her to audition at the Carousel Club.

Normans: The History of a Dynasty

Recorded November 2, She frequently saw Jack Ruby at the newspaper, including on the day of the Kennedy assassination. Editor of the student magazine at the University of Dallas at the time of the assassination, Compton went on to serve in the Vietnam War and become a vocal anti-war critic. John Connally, Nellie Connally was in the presidential limousine at the time of the assassination and spoke the last words to President Kennedy.

Recorded December 6, A cousin of Texas Gov. John Connally, John M. On the day of the assassination, John M.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Timeline by Mark R. Elsis

Connally saw the motorcade—and waved at his cousin—on Main Street. Conrad began a career in broadcast news, production, and engineering in the late s. Since the s he has been an active collector of radio and television memorabilia. Recorded May 13, Brandt built a custom lectern that was used by President Kennedy during his visit on Thursday, November 21, Constantino was interviewed with two of her siblings. Recorded April 11, Recorded September 4, He later became an aviation historian.

Recorded August 24, Years later, as a criminal investigator, he was assigned escort and courtroom guard duty for Jack Ruby during his trial. Students at Pepperdine University in California in , the Coopers met on a university-sponsored trip to Germany and were there when the Kennedy assassination took place. He was heavily involved in the Dallas peace movement and participated in a number of protests, including a mile march from Fort Worth to Dallas that culminated with a rally near Dealey Plaza.

Recorded March 30, Cormier was a Kennedy volunteer in Boston during the presidential election. She saw him in person that year and had hoped to volunteer for his re-election campaign in Cornwell was a prosecutor with the U. Recorded February 18, , May 3, , and March 21, Having celebrated his seventh birthday one week earlier, Coulson was home sick from school on November 22, The assassination remains one of his earliest and most powerful childhood memories. Following the assassination, he was assigned guard duty at the Texas School Book Depository and Dallas police headquarters.

He then had a brief encounter with President Kennedy outside the hotel. Cox, a longtime teacher at Annie Webb Blanton Elementary in Dallas, was close friends with fellow teacher—and well-known assassination eyewitness—Jean Hill for more than thirty years. He was sent by his commanding officer to retrieve black-bordered letters about the assassination to be read to all troops. Cox went on to serve in the Vietnam War. Recorded April 18, After her class missed seeing the motorcade, Coyne responded to the assassination by compiling a scrapbook. Recorded June 26, A history teacher at W. Samuell High School in Dallas, Crane remembers the vast majority of her students were not in class on November 22, Years later, in the early s, she toured the empty sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository with local preservation activist Lindalyn Adams.

Recorded January 11, A longtime research scientist and particle physicist, Crawford was studying in Great Britain in He began to research the Kennedy assassination, specifically the Zapruder film and the jet effect theory, in and conducted a series of tests in The Crawfords were active in the civil rights and peace movements of the s.

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They both recall Dallas as a city of hatred and anger at the time of the Kennedy assassination because of vocal right-wing extremism. Recorded November 13, Recorded January 12, A Fort Worth native, Croft was living in west Texas in He attended one of the few high school football games played in the state on the evening of the assassination. Marine from to , Crouse was part of the flight crew for the Marine helicopters used by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

Twelve years old in , Crow saw President and Mrs. Kennedy upon their arrival at Dallas Love Field. A longtime collector of Kennedy memorabilia, Crow was deeply impacted by the assassination. Recorded October 14, Crutchfield was the cousin of the late U. A longtime community leader, and director of Dallas County Health and Human Services for more than two decades, Culbreath became active in the civil rights movement while attending the University of Texas in Austin. She participated in protests and sit-ins, including a filmed altercation that aired on local television. An active community leader for decades, she is a senior fellow at the Tower Center for Political Studies at Southern Methodist University.

In the aftermath of the assassination, she assisted at the Cinderella Flower Shop in Oak Cliff, creating a large number of memorial floral arrangements and transporting them to Dealey Plaza. Kennedy Museum at Elm Street, which opened in Over the years, he met a number of individuals connected with the assassination.

Bizarre Details That Never Made Sense About JFK's Assassination

His late cousin, Bill Beal, was a photographer at the Dallas Times Herald who covered the events of that weekend. Recorded February 1, Curington was personal assistant and attorney to Texas oil tycoon and conservative activist H. Hunt from to In that capacity, Curington had contact with J. Edgar Hoover and came to believe that Hunt was connected to political assassinations in the s. Dallas housewife Daffron, a Kennedy supporter, was friends with several women who were members of the John Birch Society. She remembers the conservative city as an unwelcoming place in An attorney in Kansas, Dahl was in court on November 22, He was waiting for a jury verdict when he learned of the assassination.

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Recorded August 3, An award-winning presidential historian, Dallek was teaching at Columbia University in He is the author of numerous books, including a two-volume biography of Lyndon B. Kennedy, Dallin spoke with Mrs. Curry that weekend and shared information about Jack Ruby. A longtime researcher, Dallin has investigated a Kennedy assassination connection to the alleged treasure of Victorio Peak in New Mexico.

Damerau was a photo analyst with U. Ironically, between the s and early s, Damerau had brief personal encounters with Senator John F. Kennedy, Oswald, and Jack Ruby. Her PhD dissertation on the growth and development of Dallas included a study of the Kennedy assassination and its local impact. Recorded October 2, Daniel was standing on the west side of the triple underpass with his home movie camera and captured the motorcade on film seconds after the assassination took place.

He returned to Dealey Plaza afterward to take film of the flowers and memorial tributes left by mourners. Recorded November 22, , February 11, , and April 4, A resident of Baltimore, Maryland, in , Dasheiff was about to start a job with the Social Security Administration when the assassination took place. She recalls experiencing antisemitism in the early s. Recorded November 24, A Grammy award-winning composer, Daugherty has written a number pieces on historical figures and popular culture.

After leaving the White House, Hendershot spent more than a decade working transportation services at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. A private cook in a north Dallas home for more than 25 years, Davis was preparing for a large dinner party on November 22, Recorded April 17, A longtime Dallas social worker and counselor, Davis was teaching a marriage and family class for nurses at Parkland Memorial Hospital on November 22, In private counseling sessions following the assassination, he often discussed grief over the death of President Kennedy.

Davis also wrote two books about the Kennedy assassination involving a mafia conspiracy. His future wife, Maria Davis, was a high school student in St. Louis at the time of the assassination. The couple met at SMU in the late s. Recorded May 25, , and April 21, Recorded November 21, , and October 23, The daughter of missionaries, Davis grew up in West Africa and was eight years old at the time of the Kennedy assassination. She later pursued a long career in education. Recorded December 7, A Texas native, Davis was a housewife living in California at the time of the assassination.

A third grader in San Antonio in , Davis remembers that her substitute teacher did not shares news of the assassination with the students.