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Hypothesis: Routine revascularization for patients with stable coronary artery disease prior to elective vascular surgery would be associated with improved long-term mortality compared to a strategy of medical therapy. Interpretation: In this well-designed randomized multicenter study conducted within the VA Medical System, a strategy of routine revascularization prior to elective vascular surgery was not associated with improved outcomes compared to a strategy of aggressive medical management, and resulted in greater delays in performing the vascular surgical procedure.

References: McFalls EO, et al.

Share via:. Media Center ACC. All rights reserved. Several arguments may be put forward to support the possibility that CARP restrains the formation of vascular lesions.

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It should be noted that CARP is not present in healthy vessels, and for that reason this protein is not simply a marker for quiescent SMCs. This is further illustrated by the presence of CARP in the media of murine lesions after 1 week of carotid artery ligation and the absence of expression after 2. Particularly, activin A is known as an inhibitor of atherogenesis, which is demonstrated by prevention of lesion formation both in saphenous vein organ cultures and in the murine, loose-fitting cuff model.

Based on these data, we propose that the transient expression of CARP in intimal SMCs may be involved in preventing vascular lesion formation. View PDF. Tools Add to favorites Download citations Track citations Permissions. Jump to.

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Tanja A. Nicholas J. Beauchamp Nicholas J. Carlie J. You are viewing the most recent version of this article. Previous versions: October 17, Previous Version 1. Abstract Objective— Cardiac ankyrin repeat protein CARP is a transcription factor-related protein that has been studied most extensively in the heart. Download figure Download PowerPoint. Received August 28, ; revision accepted September 6, Correspondence to Dr. Identification and characterization of a novel cytokine-inducible nuclear protein from human endothelial cells. J Biol Chem. Accumulation of muscle ankyrin repeat protein transcript reveals local activation of primary myotube endcompartments during muscle morphogenesis.

J Cell Biol.

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A novel cardiac-restricted target for doxorubicin; CARP, a nuclear modulator of gene expression in cardiac progenitor cells and cardiomyocytes. CARP, a cardiac ankyrin repeat protein, is downstream in the Nkx homeobox gene pathway. Biochim Biophys Acta. Control of segmental expression of the cardiac-restricted ankyrin repeat protein gene by distinct regulatory pathways in murine cardiogenesis. Circ Res.

The cardiac transcription factors Nkx2. EMBO J. J Mol Cell Biol. GATA-4 and Nkx So, I decided to cut my dreadlocks that I had been growing for eight months. Through cutting my hair completely, I wanted to start one year of commitment for myself to grow again. Have an inspiring testimony you want to share? Share your story by clicking the button below! All views, respectfully presented, are welcome on familyfed.

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