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Will she and partner Matt Warburton play things straighter here? Is there a performer alive with more charm and bonhomie than Paul Rudd?

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All the better, then, that this new comedy series features him in not one but two roles. From directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris Battle of the Sexes , Little Miss Sunshine , it centers on a man who undergoes an experimental treatment to become a better person only to be replaced by his improved 2.

If Rudd gets the chance to tap into his gifts for both physical humor and pathos, Living With Yourself could join The Good Place in the pantheon of laugh-out-loud surreal philosophical comedies.

This Seventies period drama about two FBI agents Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallanny and a psychiatrist Anna Torv who literally wrote the book on profiling serial killers arrived in to a marketplace that needed another serial killer show like a fish needs a bicycle. Hopefully, Mindhunter can stay that fresh in Season Two.

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Little to no information has been released about this extremely belated sequel to Star Trek: The Next Generation , save that it will bring back Patrick Stewart as former Enterprise captain Jean-Luc Picard, navigating life after the end of the Romulan Empire. But when it features the greatest actor in the history of the franchise returning to the role that made him famous, what more do you need to know to tune in? As we have been tirelessly reminded over the past few months, British actress and probable Oscar nominee Olivia Colman is no stranger to playing queens.

Disney is breaking out the big guns — and an even bigger checkbook — for the launch of its standalone streaming service, with several new Marvel series featuring characters and creators from the MCU films rather than the mostly-canceled Netflix shows along with the first of what will probably be many Star Wars TV spinoffs.


Set a few years after Return of the Jedi , it features a loaded cast that includes Carl Weathers! Ryan Murphy begins his long-awaited Netflix period with who saw this coming? Broadway star Ben Platt, still glowing from Dear Evan Hansen , plays an aspiring politician from Santa Barbara; each season will document one of his campaigns. Then she rose to the top of the A-list while Aniston became a capital-C celebrity.

Originally conceived as a comedy, the series — which received a two-season, episode order out of the gate — has been reframed as a drama, so gear up for subterfuge, backstabbing and plenty of catfights between two perfectly-coiffed, tightly-wound, fake-smiling anchors. Talk about pedigree: For this miniseries, Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant, along with novelists Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, adapts a Pulitzer Prize-winning ProPublica article about a young woman charged with lying about being raped, and the years-long police investigation to uncover the truth.

A decade later, Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof is taking a very big swing at the material.

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    Rolling Stone. Arrow Created with Sketch. The McLaren Award for Best New British Animation will return once again with two varied programmes showcasing some of the most highly-anticipated new short animations from the UK and there will also be a special retrospective of unique talent Elizabeth Hobbs, the award-winning indie animator running as part of Anim18, a celebration of British animation taking place across the UK.

    A selection of short and feature-length films that push the boundaries of visual communication will screen including the world premiere of Pig Film , taking a look at the future of film, and a range of experimental short films from Canada that foreground the material properties of 16mm. Prior to the Festival on 27 May audiences will also have the chance to experience the vampire underworld in EIFF Play: Blade , an immersive cinema experience built around a screening of the trailblazing comic-book adaptation of Blade , in partnership with Hidden Door and The List, in collaboration with New Media Scotland, and supported by Sir Ewan and Lady Brown.

    Tickets go on sale to Filmhouse Members on Wednesday 23 May at 12noon and on sale to the public on Friday 25 May at 10am. View a PDF of the full programme here and download a copy here.

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    Click through to explore the storylines that didn't get resolved:. In the second-to-last episode, Reese Witherspoon's character came close to 'fessing up about her affair with community play director Joseph Bachman Santiago Cabrera. But, alas, Ed's Adam Scott's big reaction scene may never come to pass. Plus, in the finale, there's a scene with Joseph and Madeline fighting.

    Does Joesph still love Madeline? Tori Joseph's wife, played by Sarah Sokolovic obviously knows it's her who he had the affair with, but the two never face off again. But will the duo get together for real? Can Jane trust a man again? We might have to use our imaginations. One of the biggest questions on the show--who was hurting Amabella? It was Max, one of Celeste's Nicole Kidman's twin boys. The two kids are seen playing on the beach with all of the others as if nothing ever happened.

    Also, how did the teacher really never notice?