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It remains uncertain whether other so-called stone buildings in the region were truly stone built, or just timber-framed structures on stone dwarf walls. The creation of small, unchartered towns without special political functions, began markedly later in northern than in southern Upper Germany.

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The new foundations in the South with few exceptions date to the century up to the mid 1 st century AD, but in the neighbouring northern areas on the left bank of the Rhine this development seems not have begun until the Claudian-Neronian and Flavian periods. On the right bank, small town occupation happened comparatively quickly after the conquest. Such settlements can already be found in the upper Rhine valley in Flavian times and these were followed by a wave of foundations in the first half of the 2 nd century, which covered the areas further east.

All over northern Upper Germany, the small towns displayed markedly fewer sophisticated, Mediterranean-style urban structures than in south of the province. Where a street grid can be identified at all, it centres on the main thoroughfare. The was no development of densely settled, Mediterranean pattern, insula-occupation, as is known to have eventually existed in Oberwintherthur and, for the most part settlements were just one house deep ribbon developments along the main road.

While the lack of public baths in the small towns of northern Upper Germany may be linked to limited excavation areas not reveal the structures, it seems that theatres and amphitheatre were again restricted to civitas capitals. Cases like Lausanne, where a small town without special functions could sport both a theatre and an amphitheatre, are so far unknown from northern Upper Germany, but this might reflect a lack of wealth in the relevant settlements rather than a lack of Romanisation.

The same is apparently true of the residential buildings which, with very few exceptions, are all strip buildings, heavily influenced by the architecture of the military vici.

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Completely stone-built structures are rare in the small towns of northern Upper Germany and, for the most part, the houses were timber-framed on stone dwarf walls, sometimes replacing pure timber buildings. These new structures usually continued the dimensions of their predecessors. Only Eisenberg saw all its houses replaced by stone and timber buildings. In the other small towns of northern Upper Germany both construction types continued to exist side by side.

The decision to partially rebuild in stone apparently depended on the wealth of the owners, rather than their level of Romanisation. For hypocausts can be found in exclusively timber built houses, albeit usually as later additions rather than as original design features. In contrast to southern Upper Germany, cellars and especially individual wells formed part of the basic design of the houses.

On the other hand, evidence for stairs or an upper story usually appears to be lacking. The majority of excavated houses contained shops or workshops at the front, closest to the road and, as in Switzerland, further rooms were added behind these. Purely residential buildings are found much more rarely, and their ground plans usually deviate markedly from those of strip buildings.

To date, such houses seem to be limited to Eisenberg and Walheim. Elsewhere, only the usual strip buildings can be found, although these can vary in size from site to site. Lausanne: - Lousonna 1. Vaudoise 42 Lausanne Kaenel u. Romande Lousonna 2 Lausanne Fehlmann, Un quartier de Lousonna. Lousonna 3 Lausanne Jacob Hrsg.

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The Structure and Administration of the Roman province

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