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Coleman made collages of pictures from the outing and made the residents fresh blueberry cake and blueberry sauce. Joann Rodriguez, certified nursing assistant at Life Care Center of Colorado Springs , Colorado, was excited to find out the facility would be getting a Korean-speaking resident.

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When the new resident arrived, Rodriguez made sure her mom, who is also Korean, was there to give the new resident a proper Korean greeting. Since then, Rodriguez has gone to great lengths to make sure the new resident is able to communicate with non-Korean speaking people at the facility.

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    Rounding things off is an app called UpNext Party, which solves one major issue that every party goer has faced at one point or another — bad music. The app allows everyone at the party to queue up whatever song they want to play. He stayed at the facility and provided hands-on care for more than five nights.

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    During the day, he continued to provide therapy services for Vosswood residents and several evacuees from Corpus Christi. He also assisted in manually moving bedframes and mattresses. Deborah Perry, certified nursing assistant at Life Care Center of Sarasota , Florida, stepped in to help a new short-term patient who was feeling down about coming to a nursing home the day before her birthday.